Morning Roundup


In Chicago, the Stevenson Expressway was completely out of commission. [] as a part-time resident of the Chicago suburbs, this is crippling. As a most-time resident of Champaign, I’m glad this alarms people. When it rains down here we just stop going places and nobody complains about having to canoe to work.

YouTube defeats Viacom. [ Say what?! Yeah, YouTube is officially unstoppable. ❤

I don’t know about any of you, but I’m a little skeptical about Gen. Petraeus’ promotion(?). [ Maybe it stems from residual ignorance and my high school self when everyone called him Gen. Betray-us. However, he’s a decorated guy and didn’t come all this way by sheer luck. The other half of it is as of late Obama’s team members have been dropping like flies. This Obamagirl is wary of those ramifications.

Sports (the only ones that matter are soccer and hockey)

World Cup matches today:

Slovakia v. Italy

Paraguay v. New Zealand

Denmark v. Japan

Cameroon v. Netherlands

And speaking of the World Cup, I’m all about the underdog this year. I’d love to see the cup leave Europe and actually see a little of the world (groundbreaking concept, I know). Personally, my top three teams are Chile (yeah motherland!), Uruguay (they actually know what they’re doing) and Ghana (for living in the US, I can’t stand Landon Donovan. I know all soccer players hot dog but he is probably the worst).

Today in Blackhawks, Byfuglien, Sopel and Eager won’t be on the roster next season. I’m okay with that. I think. []

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