Pride all around

thanks google images!

I took a vacation this weekend. SHOCKER, I know! But sometimes a girl has to get away. Photos coming soon.

In other news, today was the 2010 GAY PRIDE PARADE in CHICAGO!!! And I was sad to miss it, but my sanity and a beach were a good reason (or two).  Pride weekend is one of my favorite times of year. It’s summer, it’s sunny and we can all get together and celebrate our lives! For me, Pride is about being proud of the life you make, the person you are and not compromising. And while I’m hetero, I excited about Pride because it seems like every year strides are made toward greater equality (baby steps, but steps none the less). I’m an ally, an advocate and a friend. As such, I believe every person should have the right to love, be loved, express themselves, share their lives and liberties, scream it from the rooftops and be infinitely happy.

The Chicago Tribune did a typical news wrap of Pride (with an awful headline) [] while The Huffington Post, Chicago did a really cool guide to Pride — interactive and not just the parade! []

Hopefully in the next 10 years, Pride won’t have to be a weekend or something kept under the rug (or in the closet). Pride can be every day. I try to foster this by correcting people’s language, checking my friends and having conversations about the real points of conflict, not just prejudices. Cheers to the future.

Tomorrow it’s back to the daily grind. More surprises in store this week!

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