new america

A long while ago a friend of mine directed me to New America Media , an organization specifically focusing on in-depth discussions of social justice issues and coverage of populations that don’t always get their deserved attention.

Today, I was reminded in a roundabout way that I should really pay more attention to this site. The conversation was one of those rare, spontaneous exchanges that got my mind whirring. And it led me to the upcoming posts/editorials.

More importantly, it shed light on why this job search is so darn difficult. I don’t really have the patience for flack news, news that doesn’t provoke more questions, actual thinking, real information and address issues that cause us as people to think through one lens or another. It’s hard to find a job that lets you do that right out of the gate. Perhaps I’m looking in the wrong places.

But my friend gave me an excellent piece of advice — to look for jobs that will lead to other doors.

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