the blame game

Wow. Tough day to be a woman in this country.

In addition to making less money than anyone with a Y chromosome, bleeding and cramping once a month, taking hormonal birth control to make sure I don’t get pregnant, clawing my way up the corporate ladder, working twice as hard to earn your respect AND keeping house it seems that now rape and undocumented immigration are all my fault, too.

I’m sorry. I’m soooooo sorry that my vagina has caused me to be nothing but a simple lady with a simple lady mind (thanks, Sarah Haskins).

Today, the Dallas Chief of Police cited drunk girls as a major catalyst for the increasing incidence of rape. You silly drunk girls, learn to control yourselves! How unscrupulous!

Hold the phone, buddy.

Maybe instead of blaming women for the increase of rape in Dallas, we should instead take a serious look at how we educate men in this country. How the populous at large coaches their boys, young men and full-grown men about right and wrong, about good touch and bad touch, and oh yeah, CONSENT?!

Women have raped men before, yes, but it’s rare. Why? Anatomy: it’s a heck of a lot harder to mount a man against his will than it is to pin a woman down and rape her.

The problem in Dallas isn’t these loose floosies drinking their beer and having a good time. IT’S OPPORTUNIST MEN looking to get laid without a whole lot of protest.

Are you feeling sick to your stomach? You probably should. This is not okay. It’s also not okay that misogyny has evolved to this level.

But that’s not all women are at fault for. Now women are being blamed for undocumented immigration because women are having “anchor babies” to keep them in this country . Let’s break this down, shall we?

This nation was founded by immigrants. Immigrants who virtually exterminated an entire population (or several) in their conquest. Why did they come here? To give their children a better opportunity than the one their parents had. To make something of themselves.

A novel idea, no? This ideal still survives today. I challenge you to find a parent out there that wants their child to do worse than them. People come to this country because the work isn’t better, the pay is. The schools are better, the launching pad is better and the odds of their children succeeding and becoming a functioning member of the greater global community are far better than the home country.

Call me a radical but I don’t see a problem with this. I see a problem with the elitism that has permeated the legal system and communities on the border. I see a bigger problem with accusing women of getting pregnant in order to stay in this country.

First of all, newcomers have a hard enough time navigating the workforce and the social systems in this country. Let alone getting access to services, health care, and an education.

Second of all, there is no guarantee that having children that are U.S. citizens by birthright will protect parents and families from being deported. In many, many cases, U.S. citizens are deported to a country they have no knowledge of and no connection to because their parents were escorted to the door.

Thirdly, being in the United States without proper documentation is a misdemeanor not a felony . Think about how much money the government is spending on misdemeanors. Wouldn’t the money be better spent elsewhere, like say, aggravated assault? Armed robbery? Battery? Arson? Burglary? Illegal drugs? Theft? Murder? Rape? Vandalism?

What about cases like Matthew Shepard? What about curtailing gang violence? Police brutality?

It seems to me the horrific crimes in this country are coming from within it, not being brought into it by families seeking new opportunities to better themselves.

Finally, deporting parents of children in this country hurt families, children and the youth of the United States more than it improves homeland security and quality of life. If children are left in this country without a legal guardian, power of attorney or any kind of support network, they are more likely to wind up homeless, aimless, drug abusers, contributors to violence and lost youth. Urban spaces already have more than their share of troubled youth, deportation only contributes to it.

Like I said, a tough day for women.

A while back I was getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist. In my mute state my dental technician started going on and on about how women have had their day and it’s time for men to take charge again.

I vehemently disagree. I think instead of competing for one sex or the other to be on top, it’s time for men to stop blaming women because they are capable of pushing children out of their birth canals. Instead, it’s time to start being men and respect a woman’s space, consent, rights and desires (I know, I’m asking a lot). And instead, consider what is right for families and birthright citizens, as opposed to quotas and discriminatory stereotypes and misconceptions.

It seems, we need an education instead of an eradication .

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