Be Still My Lumberjack Heart

Something about Justin Vernon/Bon Iver I will always adore. Perhaps its the tortured-plaid-wearing-axe-swinging-soul. Perhaps its the gloc-in-the-cabin sex appeal. Perhaps it’s just the whole crooning-beareded-tin-cup-and-organic-food raw charm. Either way, I can’t get enough of him.

Probably because his voice is so darn pained. It’s like with every lyric his whole body is just “WHINNIIINNGGGG FORRRR MY LADYYYY WOLFFFFF.” Or something.

Makes me want to set up camp and catch him a big ol’ salmon in my teeth. I’d come through that cabin door and say “Baby, look what I got you!” and he’d say “You’re the most beautiful thing I’ve seen since the snow fell on the deerskin lean-to this morning.”

You get it, right?

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