i am the mountain

this sacred place has no altar. no deity, no symbol, no hall.

i take off my skin here, take flight upon the breeze.

throw my heart into the wind and the sunshine

laughing, spinning

a duet of falling and flying.

here, i am free, i feel all things and notice all things.

among these mountains i know myself better.

i know the highest peaks i could ascend

i know the lush valleys where the world rests, exhales

i know the ravines where i have left my aches, because there was no other way out

how long these mountains have stood and how long they will continue to stand is irrelevant

because here, in this moment, they are mine

i toss myself amongst them, i give myself to them

and when i have finished i climb back into my bones,

get back in the car and continue down the road.

my father is driving. and by some twist of luck i always wind up in the front seat.

feet on the dashboard, nothing but road.

nothing but our journey, together.

writing prompt: favorite memory

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