Whilest brainstorming at Work, a coworker and myself started discussing the incredible fabulosity of Florence’s new album. I think “Never Let Me Go” has emerged as my personal favorite. It feels like so many things at once — maybe that’s because I feel more than usual (at least Ms.Amado seems to think so).

It feels like my warm yoga studio, halfway through class, soft light, twisting into that revolved triangle and holding it. Breathing. Just considering all the parts of my body and how they all manage to coordinate into this beautiful act of teamwork.

It feels like sunrise over the outdoor pool. It’s not even 50 degrees out in the morning, everything is still, steam coming off the water. And then you get tired of waiting to have nerve, so you jump, blow bubbles underwater, rise up and swim.

It feels like that heavy weight you get right before contented sleep. Wrapped up warm and tight on the couch in front of a fire with a blanket. In bed with the person you love and they’ve beat you in the race to dreamland. Or just an idle Tuesday, everything is put away, all is done, and tomorrow is the best day of your life ever.

It feels like every day I walk through Chicago. In sunshine, in rain, in wind and cold. It feels like running along the lakefront. It feels like cursing the bus when I’ve got places to be. It feels like red lipstick after work. It feels like an adventure, waiting to happen. It feels like knowing my street and calling it home.

Just never let me go.

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