Big News

We measure our lives with memorable moments to carry with us when we need a reminder of where we’ve been. We mark these occasions with birthdays, holidays, personal milestones and sentimental memories; we mark them with hours; we mark them with nostalgia and personal reminders.

These memories are our guiding stars when we feel like we’ve lost our way and points of pride when we are at our best. Whether we mark them publically or privately, these milestones make us remember, resolve and push forward to all the tomorrows ahead.

Today i found out a very dear friend is thinking of making a commitment i (or my friend) never thought they could make. Today i found out an old college room mate got engaged to the guy she was dating when we lived together. Today i found out that another amazing friend is going to be an outstanding father. Today i found out i am more fearless than i’ve been giving myself credit for.

I’m so happy for all my friends and all these milestones. Truly. They’ve found the things in life they desire most and are pursuing them actively. And i’m happy because i can share these joys in my own way as well.

I’m a better version of the person I was 12 months ago. I have a job. I live in my dream apartment. I eat well, I exercise, I laugh a lot, I create things, I dream. This weekend was so full of life that I almost forgot to appreciate it — almost. I hadn’t noticed all of these markers until the universe reminded me.

I am astounded at how it all came together but not surprised in the least that it did. Sometimes it takes a gentle nudge from the Karma gods to get us to stop what we’re doing and say “thank you” other times we make it a ritual.

So whether it’s big news (fatherhood, commitments, careers, love) or small (Miss Chicago and I have a coffee table now, I bought flowers for the apartment and I made new friends), say thank you often and mean it. You’ll find that the light keeps pouring in once you throw open the shutters.

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