The Moth

The New Girl and I went on an exploration around the bend last night to see The Moth live at Martyr’s.

As an eternal writer, storyteller, poeter and chronicler of what’s come before this was a new thing for me. You stand up, tell your story and move on.

Some was anticipated – a man’s account of a manquest ending in an anecdote about strip clubs that was trying to make people laugh but really just pissed off the women when he confessed he was afraid of all women because they “swindle him.”

Some was sad — moving away putting strain on a sister’s relationship with her elder brother with special needs. A man eulogizing his mother.

Some was very, very true and very, very funny — a woman recounting trying to tell her college boyfriend it was over because she was sleeping with his best friend while inebreated trying to recite a monologe on film while sucking on a knife. Another woman realizing at her 30th college reunion that to her college friends, she will always be 20.

All in all it awoke the more creative storyteller in me. So, i got out my go to exercise book, Ann Lamott’s Bird by Bird and we’ll see what comes out.

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