all roads lead to home

this concept is an idea for a tattoo (very abstractly) i’ve been kicking around for the better part of 8 months — just can’t decide where to put it.

the goodbyes have officially begun (more on that later) and the more i reach out and connect with new people, the more i realize that folks are by and large just looking to make that connection with someone else as well.

i also was astounded by how much we tune out whilest on the brown line home. nearly every person in the L car was plugged into something. i had to get home and unplug from the screens and plug into my body. i wrote around a bit, thought about cooking, read a bit, did some adult things for my adult life (calculated my quarterly taxes), painted my toenails in a hurry and boycotted winter as i went off to yoga in sandals and a hoodie.

since i can’t spend the $$ and the time off work to go yoga myself into a stupor in March in Mexico, i’ve made it a point to just say thank you (which is pretty yogi of me).

thank you for this breakfast as i actually have time to eat it.

thank you for my hair not looking a hot mess this morning. 

thank you for morning light.

thank you for my family who supports me.

thank you for my friends who believe in me.

thank you for this body.

thank you for the love in the world. 

thank you for this day.

it’s important to tell people they’re appreciated (don’t you like hearing it yourself?) especially when they least expect it and especially when some people just feel like home. i find goodbyes are the opportunity to strengthen the foundation of commonality between people. sometimes i overdo it. cards. letters. gifts. music. and for a while i was a little embarassed at how zealous i am to people when i find kindered folk. but i think of it this way:

there’s no such thing as too much love. you can never, never, never have too much love. 

heck, maybe one day i’ll actually stop threatening to become a yoga teacher and just do it

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