Top 10

Hey, i gotta make up for 2 fridays here. This is an ode to my wonderful street which will always be where my heart goes to roost.

1. Fathers with their children. Everywhere.
2. Everyone is nice.
3. There are noticeable waves to the day.
4. David the yogi is here.
5. Streetlights are nightlights
6. You can get on the L and go anywhere.
7. There is never enough times to go to all the bars, eat in all the restaurants and meet all the people.
8. Gorgeous homes to dream about.
9. Happy dogs.
10. Exercise. Recycling. Collegiate pride.
11. Lightbulb marquees.
12. Every street name you’ve heard before in a dream. Reality is better.
13. The tidal wave of the L train.
14. The same familiar trek to work.
15. The GOOD coffee and the GOOD beer.

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