All coming together

I woke up insanely early this morning, especially for a Saturday. I made breakfast, i exercised, i lifted weights for the first time in about a year (and it was awesome) and then i spent the rest of the day trying to unbox my life.

The thing about moving isn’t so much the big things like the couch and the chair and the table and the bed aren’t really a hassle because once they’re in, they’re done. It’s the little shit that will drive you ballistic.

Those knick knacks and pieces of clutter that drive minimalists insane but warm the cockles of the hearts of hipsters and Anthropologie-obsessed women (i am both of these people wrestling it out in the same body so you can imagine how much “little shit” i have going on in here) everywhere. I spent 8 hours trying to put them all in their respective new homes. I think i’ve half-succeeded.

For such a crazy amount of time you’d think it would be more obvious. Whatever. I think i have a totally off-the-chain pad. You can’t tell me otherwise.


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