About yesterday…

Dude. Nothing at all happened yesterday. I didnt go outside once — not once, i say! — because of The Cold.

Yesterday I was a fountain of mucus. I have the plastic shopping bag from cvs full of tissue to prove it. I ate three cans of soup. I went to bed at 8:30. I took 4 separate naps.

Today was much better. I went to work!! I fixed things!! I took my medicine!! I got myself lunch (which on a sidenote, the soup soaked through the paper bag on the walk back to the office. Honestly, what self respecting deli doesnt at least tape the damn lid?! That’s arguably as bad as “running out of monthly bus passes” why, you ask? Well, because they’re paper. Anyway…) and i got myself tupperware. Wins all around!

Presently, I’m waiting for this week’s Downton Abbey rerun to start and I’m reading Mindy Kaling’s book and I sneeze.

A mile of snot comes shooting out of my face and onto my face. The worst part? There was nobody here to laugh!!!

Now that you’re thoroughly disgusted, dear reader, please enjoy this snapshot of my new bookcase. Which i built myself. With my power drill. While being sick.


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