A note about female samurais

They force you to reexamine the things you know in your heart and must have the courage to say aloud.

Like, “im not going because you don’t give a crap about me and its weird.”

Or, “please stop being a turd and get to know my friend who came all the way here to meet you.”

Or, “i’m done trying to make round pegs into my hexagon-shaped life.”

And, “to be the best version of myself, i have to get rid of you. Forever.”

The Lady in particular that consistently reenforces what i know about myself, people and what i want i have only known for a short amount of time. But i’m thankful to know her because she inspires me to be less bashful about the really important things.

Like: “i like clean sheets regularly. I like frames and coasters and taking out the garbage. I like order and spontenaety and cooking a real dinner. I like learning, talking about my feelings, my life, my dreams, my body, politics, god and sex toys. Happiness, love, dating, children, living together, when i feel ugliest and when i look ah-may-zing. I like spending time alone and together and i get bummed out when there arent any hugs. I like exercise, making plans, going on dates, balloons, photography, fireworks, swimming, holding hands and hand written notes. Reading and laughing until i cant breathe and fighting when its important. Yoga. Spirituality. The things that scare me and all the lives i could live if given the chance. Expensive beer, nice shoes and a huge closet. I like to invest in my whole life even of it makes me broke because its my life. i only get one. and im not going to spend it on the couch, smoking cigarettes, eating like shit, looking down on people and talking smack. Im so much more than all of that ever could be. PERIOD.

from this angle, all i can see is sky.

Thank you Virgo and Lady Samurai for helping me come to a place where i’m no longer afraid to SHOUT it.

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