Everlasting Sunshine

After quite a day at the office I came home and hung out with Louie. He was so happy to see me he just sat on my chest and napped. After prying him off and some encouragement from OC I made myself go for a run.

It started great but the kinda went down hill. It wasn’t loose, everything was just really stiff. So, I came home, realized I needed milk to make dinner and went right back out again to CVS.

I swear, I can never spend less that $30 every time I go there — so frustrating!

Anyway, whilest picking up milk and some other things I decided to take a bath. Naturally I chose the “everlasting sunshine” flavor.

Dinner was amazing. The news made me feel weird. And NPR had a story about William Shatner. Not bad for a Tuesday!


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