There’s been a lot of chatter about ladyparts going around. And while I could wax poetic anout the state of humanity and how completely irrelevant it is to discuss what I do with my body i just have to say this one thing.

To all you males out there who think birth control is wrong, i should get no assistance and/or i should post the videos on the internet: fuck off. You enjoy the fringe benefits of intercourse with women, some you are serious about, some you are not. Big perk there’s no baby, right? Big perk that youre the one with the semen not maturing in someone’s uterus where you left it, right?

I’d say so.

So stop talking about women being sluts and start talking about men taking responsibility. Last time i checked having sex with myself produced no diseases and most importantly, no babies.

Do your part — let me protect my body via hormones and you protect yours doing the SAME. It’s moderately affordable (now), safe and completely reversible. So where’s the argument?

Equal pay for equal work, if everyone takes preventative measures and gets an accurate education we can all sleep a lot sounder. There will be less abortions. Less children in need of good, loving, nurturing homes. Less strain on our local and national infrastructure because we’re all being responsible.

What it boils down to isn’t that women are sluts, everyone is. “[Men] just cant wear it under their t-shirt,” as Juno MacGuff once said.


I’ll get off my soap box now.

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