The Way of the Future

Has anybody else heard for It’s a really cool tool that will let you compose letters to yourself and loved ones to be sent in the future. Little love notes, little reminders, what have you.

When I was (f)unemployed last year I stumbled upon it (literally) in the middle of the night and decided to capture the immense feeling of home I was feeling at the time. Six months ago that letter was delivered to me after I had forgotten all about it and I was overwhelmed by the power and wisdom of my own words. Not only did I inspire myself, but I found that despite all the water that had passed over the dam since the day I wrote it and the day I received it, I still found fortitude in strength in what I had penned.

This one came to me at the beginning of the workday and I was so excited to receive it I printed it, hung it in my cube (where it still hangs!) and wrote myself another one. I got that one this morning.

Recently I’ve been settling into my new situation. Like really settling in. Taking inventory of what I have, what I want and what it’s going to take to connect those dots (the answer is always “more JCrew”). I’ve been thinking about friends and my twenties and life and where I want to eventually end up. I’ve started making real changes at work, not feeling so much like a total noob anymore and I’ve started coaching myself through JavaScript using The Lady Samurai and I have been bandying about sentiments of moving for a job. And having done so, starting over has been more of a challenge than I anticipated, but it’s totally worth it. Soon my social life will catch up with me. But in the meantime I have my wonderful friends, family, music, fitness, Louie and the most important; myself.

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