Weekend Recap!

The Punk Rawk Queen was here this weekend and we had a wicked good time! After she got into town on Friday, we went to The Hotel Foster, ate many a sushi, imbibed in some local fermented hops and stayed up all night playing mall madness talking up a storm.


Saturday we woke up really feeling the aforementioned beers (“Surprise! Those were 8% apiece! Woooooffff…..) but got ourselves together to go to the Whole Foods and do some grocery shopping. We made an artichoke, feta, orzo, lemon, tomato and spinach salad for lunch. And made porkchops with prosciutto and apples for dinner. Between this gastronomical odyssey we walked around the city for a bit. I spied a lovely long pier out into the lake a few weeks ago when I was out for a long run and decided that that would be a great way to enjoy the day and show off fair Milwaukee. However, nature had other plans.


Halfway down the pier it was the 10 Commandments of bug infestation. They were everywhere. Tiny little bugs and by the hundreds of thousands. They really liked us. So we ran away and decides PRQ was going to write a children’s book about the Forever Alone flies. So we retreated and walked around Brady Street, talking about cats and hipsters and bikes and summer plans (hopefully we’ll be quoting “I’m on a boat!” in short order). Afterward we enjoyed some quality videogame time together.


Later in the evening we met up with OC and the posse at Garage which was uncomfortably crowded. Normally, a great hangout, but for some reason Saturday was just a beehive. Also, when you’re trying to exit a bar and nobody moves out of your way, it makes it hard to want to continue socializing. Two of our comrades left for greener pastures and we headed across the street to Jo-Cats for what we hoped would be more our scene. As one of our companions aptly pointed out, it was like something out of a Corona commercial with country music. So not PRQ’s scene or mine for that matter. We chatted a bit with our friends from West Allis and then decided we’d rather continue talking to one another over cheesefries.

Sunday morning we enjoyed the nice weather at Cafe Hollander and had one of the best brunches on record. It was so good. We decided that given the opportunity, we’d probably have spent the entire day on that corner. Alas, PRQ had to hit the road and I did too in a manner of speaking. I managed to get in a 3 mile run before it started storming up a storm.


I also was a little naughty and took myself for some light indulgences. Now I’m throwing a serious arm party and enjoying the new shoesies immensely.


Enjoy this sweet Monday jam, everyone. It certainly lifted me out of a funk!

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