The New

Holy Kamolies, guys!

I’m not saying a peep because I don’t wanna jinx it but man oh man!

What a day! I totally don’t feel like cooking tonight. I might just order a pizza, which I rarely do so maybe I’ll look at it as celebratory. I cleared a monstrous hurdle with myself this morning and I have a to-do list as big as the sun; both personal and professional. However, I’m feeling pretty charged and looking forward to my run tonight.

If you’re feeling blah, here’s a kernel for you: a positive attitude really does go a LONG way. At home, at play, at exercise, you name it. Work can be a bit of an emotional pit as somehow somewhere it became norm for everyone to be *so busy* and negative regarding taking on other projects. But, I looked my sales manager in the eye and told her we’d get all the loose ends figured out sooner rather than later. It changed her whole outlook.

While waiting for the bus, another patron said to his friend on the phone: “sometimes all i had was to just shine.”

Take that and run and shine on!

Thanks for the good vibes everyone! I’m keeping on the up and up — awesome works in the hopper.


All i can see is sky.

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