You just don’t get it

It’s a widely know fact that I throw myself into ny work whatever it may be and become completely consumed by it. I thrive on fixing what’s broken — collaborating with people and connecting them — and making deadline.

So when I tell the social media realm that “I love my job!” why is it so hard for them to believe me?! Especially the folks that I work with?! Completely perplexing. I guess it harkens back to a meeting I was in yesterday when one of my tech guys said “you’re always happy aren’t you?” As in, what are you on and where can I get some?

I don’t know what happened and when everyone decided work should suck because it totally doesn’t. Work ROCKS. Mostly because I make it so and mostly because I’m a fixer. I push people to get back to me. I’m organized. I crave more and more responsibility. I set deadlines for myself and hold myself to my own standards.

I truly believe one person can change the game and make dreams possible. It’s my attitude, my work ethic and my determination to succeed. Maybe that got beaten out of my coworkers and friends at some point, but not me. So to answer your question, yes I’m happy. And it’s because I’m living in this moment and nowhere else.

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