Whoa! It seems I overslept! It’s been TOO LONG since my last post and I think it’s because I needed a good, ol’ fashioned time out.

Work has been my everything lately, in a really delicious sort of way. I look forward to it every morning. No, really, I do. I like my morning routine of greeting the day (and the cat), making breakfast, making coffee and making the day’s to-do list before heading out the door. The weekends have been packed. M83 at the beginning of the month. My sister graduated last weekend and she’s headed off to Arles, France for the next month to become a devotee of tiny hats, exquisite coffee, baked goods and cobbled streets. Sounds terrible, no?

If anything, visiting my alma mater gave me some perspectives on things:

  1. It will always be there. Always. Things may change but nothing ever really changes.
  2. I’m proud of the education I’ve earned and what it means in the greater context of society.
  3. There is a period of ‘wait! this isn’t how life is supposed to work!’ when you graduate. It’s the process of figuring out what comes next that makes it interesting.
  4.  I have a lot of things to do.

Shortly before I graduated some time ago, I had joined this little site called LiveMocha at the urging on my Spanish tutor. At the time the site was pretty rudamentary and I didn’t really fall into it. Now, it’s grown into something I can really sink my claws into so that, coupled with a coupon from Google, I’m taking the plunge. Hopefully I’ll come out on the other side a bi-lingual chatterbox. 

So hi, hello, how are you? you great big world out there! I’m back from my timeout and feeling groovy.

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