15 Again

When I was 14 I was really into TRL, Linkin Park and Sharpies. I was in this weird in-between place where I was branching out from (get this) Korean Pop (yeah, you read that correctly) and I had started to fall in love with bass.

On a whim, I bought Eve 6’s sophomore album Horrorscope and listened to it pretty much on repeat until Eminem’s The Eminem Show and Avril Lavigne’s Let Go came out (hey, it was a pretty strange time in music). However, that Eve 6 album was really the genesis of the person I am now. It was loaded with vocabulary, innuendo, pun, dance beats and vengeance and it was perfect. 

That was 10 years ago.

(Holy shit)

And while that album is part of my history, I never stopped listening. There’s something about it thats just perfect. Their third and fourth albums are also wonderful, but Horrorscope was truly the living end. Tonight I saw them live in concert — a moment I had dreamed about since I was 14.

Max, Tony and Chris did not disappoint. In fact, in spite of my co-worker and my mom being present (trust me the former is far more awkward) I jumped around like a maniac, screamed all the words to all the songs and felt like I was truly endless and part of the moment. Music, especially music that resonates something deep in ourselves, has the power to make you take off your cool and just be.

I was perfectly content when they ended their set. AND THEN THEY PLAYED I WANNA BE SEDATED. Honestly, a pinnacle of my whole existence.


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