So with Monday being a holiday I fully intended on getting to work and really, really plowing through some long-standing stuff. However, around 10:00 my boss comes over and tells me the awesome news — we did really well this period so my department could leave early!

WORK-ENDORSED HOOKY?! Best thing ever, officially. With the long weekend and my birthday tomorrow, I was especially jazzed that I could spend the afternoon cooking, and not all evening. So after a little light sprucing, I took myself to the beach for some much needed reading and relaxation.

I headed to Whole Foods afterward to pick up a few miscellaneous grocery items and lo and behold! Rib Eye Steaks were ON SALE!!! It’s like they knew I was in the mood to celebrate.

I stopped by the art supply store to get a few more things I’ve been missing and then sauntered on home in bright red lipstick, my sundress and some vibrant orange gerber daisies.

In Chicago, if you look, “Forgive” is written everywhere. In glue, spray paint, chalk, you name it. Serendipetously, I saw it on my walk home on an unusual route. I think it’s a sign that I’m on the cusp of some large, large good, great, super awesome things.

Life, I’m here to ride your wave. Let’s do this.


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