Some of you may be familiar with the Twitter hastag #overheardinthenewsroom, as journalists are trained to audibly drink in everything bouncing around the airwaves, we have a hard time tuning out conversations in public. In my case, this one happened on the train to the Chicago suburbs to visit my dad and run a 5k with my mom.

“i dont think im good enough to be in a relationship…all i do is work, i dont have time to say “hey i love you,” and i just feel like a dirtbag.”

This is some pretty heavy stuff for this gentleman to be discussing on the Amtrak with the fellow-train fanatic behind me. Paired with the college student reading Fifty Shades of Grey at my right, it was a bizarre and raw moment in that traincar.

The warning in this story is to force myself to diversity my activities. I’ve been known to become married to my job and don’t get me wrong — I love it — but I don’t ever want to get to the point where I “run out of time” to say I love you. It’s an easy thing to do, given how entwined our work and personal lives have become as a society, especially that of a twenty-something, but I think it’s important to always take the time to say I love you. Miss Arizona’s Chef is especially good at this. While I’m quickly veering in the direction of “workout fanatic” (and it totally ROCKS) I need to keep activities, social events and volunteering at the top of my priority list, too.

But despite the 40-something’s brutal honesty, I found it refreshing to hear a man discussing his emotional self, his relationship with his daughters and his ex-wife in such an open forum as women are type-cast to do frequently.

It’s amazing what you can find out about people just by listening, observing what they purchase at the grocery store and what they carry with them throughout the day. By that same token, I hope my fellow journos out there get positive-happy-motivated-organized impression of me when they’re looking through all of my junk, and not the side of me that really needs to vacuum.

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