You can’t make me

One of my favorite blogs recently posted loosely about the things you forget when you’re single and how to fall in love again. I’d say in my circle of close girlfriends, 70 percent of them are dating, co-habitating, engaged or married. I’m of an age where it’s expected that I’m at least trying to find happiness and meet The One (which is statistically impossible). Quickly! Quickly! Before you become — gasp — THIRTY! (Bring it.)

Nah. I got stuff to do.

I did that whole relationship-thing for awhile. I don’t have any regrets (okay, maybe one) but I’m also not chomping at the bit to get back into the monogamy mindset. Maybe it’s because I’m new in town, maybe it’s because I’m married to my job at the moment, maybe it’s because I’m in a period of personal growth or maybe it’s because I just don’t want to.

I tried that online dating digital yenta thing… no thanks. For me, it wasn’t even “hey! let’s get to know each other because you’re clearly a grounded person and i think i could have a lot of fun with you and potentially fall in love with you,” it was more like an interview for a job I didn’t want. Here’s an excerpt:

Date #1 (on date #1): “Would you ever “hypothetically speaking” change your name if you were to get married?”

Date #2 (on date #2): “So, does [whatever you just said] mean you don’t want to have kids?”

Whoa. Let’s all just hold our horses. Whatever happened to the courtship ritual?

So, I’m betting all my money on the Universe, Karma and pure, stupid, dumb luck in the romance department. Until I get hit by the Love Train I’m going to keep putting one foot in front of the the other, I’m going to keep letting Louie get fur on everything, I’m going to keep planning daytrips and night trips and weekend trips and week long trips and trips that last a lifetime. I’m going to keep doing ALL THE THINGS. And fuck you, gender norms (which are so fucking weird, btw) and societal expectations, I’m having a blast loving my life as opposed to counting on someone I love to be my life.

This future-world is weird sometimes.

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One Response to You can’t make me

  1. kyram16 says:

    “This future-world is weird sometimes” – Too (painfully) true.

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