Window Seat

I don’t typically bring my phone with me when I go for a run because a) it gets SWEATY and b) I’m busy. But yesterday was one of the few times I wished I had had my phone when I was running around this fair city.

Bright and early, ErnieAndbert (alliteration on her name) came to pick me up and we got ourselves to the start corrals for the Rock and Sole run. On a whim, I registered for the quarter marathon (6.55 mi) because the idea of running across the Hoan bridge was too wonderful to refuse. And on an even whimsier whim, I convinced ErnieAndbert to do it with me.

We trained together a few times last week and were concerned about race day because all of our mutual runs happened to be in 90+ degree weather! Yikes! Talk about sweaty knees! Thankfully when she scooped me up it was a kind and considerate 70-something out. But we did not expect it to be so FOGGY!!!

Anyway, we started our run at 7:00 am and started dashing up the Hoan without being able to see more than 10 yards in front of us. Which, admittedly, was pretty darn cool because the river of runners just disappeared into the clouds. Once we reached the zenith, I couldn’t stop smiling because it was just SO BEAUTIFUL. Everything was shrouded in clouds and it felt like the window seat of an airplane, all you could see was the sun, the sky and the bridge, everything below was still tucked under a blanket of cumulonimbus. It was truly one of those moments to tuck in my memory bank for later. I was so lucky to be alive and doing what I was going at that moment.

Then I hit mile 4… which was basically all uphill and very mean.

I finished a little later than I would have liked but whatever, I FINISHED! And I’m working toward a great first half marathon in September!! After reveling in our physical ability, ErnieAndbert and I went to our respective days and spent the rest of the day sleeping. No, really, we slept all day. I crawled out of my hole just long enough to go to WholeFoods where a summer solstice celebration was taking place outside. After milling about for a bit, I retreated to the comfort of my couch with a steak and chocolate ice cream.

Truly, one of those wonderful days that just resets your soul.

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