Get the Gear

This has been quite the year of me learning to never say never.

  • I’ll never be a serious runner.
  • I’ll never want to run a marathon.
  • I’ll never be one of those exercise fanatics who runs with a utility belt, shops at Lululemon, put my exercise before my social life and drink kombucha.

We-he-he-llllllllll then. I’ve successfully made a big fit liar out of myself. And today was the icing on the proverbial vegan cupcake.

I resisted the last one as long as humanly possible, I swear it, but after months (yes, months, in this battle of the “nevers”) I broke down. In lieu of my trip to Seattle (!!!!!) coming up and being completely unwilling to shelf my exercise routine for 5 days, I finally bought myself a piece of luggage — this and my incessant pining for a vacuum cleaner in March officially qualify me for the category of pseudo-grownup — that can fit both my life and my gear without having to check bags (loathe that).

Ladies and gents, cats and kits, welcome to this strange, weird world of technicolor gym shoes, stlyish gym clothes and banishing the mentality of “I look awful when I work out!” forever. I totally get it now. A previous naysayer has been converted into a yeasayer I have drank the Koolaid and I love it.

Portlandia was right, if you’re going to do anything, you better GET THE GEAR!!

You can never have too many Lumens.

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