You learn more by listening

PAYDAY! Glorious payday! Finally, I went to CVS and got some miscellaneous things (razorblades, vitamins, birth control) that I had been lacking for a little bit.

Whilest waiting in line to pick up my prescription there was an older man in front of my picking up his. He said that his birthday was Saturday and the awkward pharm tech didn’t really know what to do with that set of information. As the pharm tech shuffled through the motions of checking this man out the man asked him “so, what did you think of the supreme court ruling today?”

The pharm tech was clearly caught off guard and didn’t know what to say. He tried to play it off like he he didn’t know and was oblivious but the kindly man took it upon himself to explain it to this 20-something pharm tech. To which the pharm tech said: “yeah, I don’t really know if I agree with that.”

The older man said, “Yeah, well you get Parkinson’s and see how much healthcare you can buy.”

The pharm tech blinked. Flabberghasted.

The older man turned to exist and he said “NONE.”

I am once again, full of HOPE.

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