Seattle Day 1: 7/4

Note: while these posts appear on the days they happened, they have been posted retrospectively.

After a really lush run through my old stomping grounds last night, I spent the evening trying to get cool and comfortable enough to sleep on my parent’s couch before my flight this morning. I should know better, as I can’t ever sleep before going on a trip.

It was also particularly sleepless because since Louie was staying with my parents, he was making a ton of racket until he finally got out of his enclosure and my parents’ cat, Wooley Bear spent a vast majority of the witching hours chasing him around the house.

With 3 hours of sleep I got dressed, made sure I didn’t have any weapons in my carry on and stuffed myself into my parent’s car to be further stuffed into a plane. I barely made my flight but once en route, I couldn’t complain. I even got to see Mount Rainer on the decent as Seattle rolled away all the haze for my arrival.

My gal, Alliesaurus and her manfriend picked me up (in a SWEET Hyundai Genesis, I might add) and after much hugging and smiling my stomach finally caught up with my brain and screamed “I’M HUNGRY!!!” Once we got to their apartment we ate breakfast #1 and went out for a walk to see the neighborhood.

We saw some old, old, wooden ships (really) and wandered to the sculpture garden close-ish to the famed Public Market. I literally stopped dead in my tracks when we got to the top of it, surrounded by gorgeous weather, wild flowers, art, a metropolis to my back and the mountains in front of me. moments like that really prove how much of my father’s daughter I am — I need mountains. And I need the ocean too. I was made to wander this place for a good, long time I think.


From the sculpture park we hiked to the nearest grocery store, picked up some things — champagne included! — and hiked back to the apartment. It felt like an 8 mile walk, in reality it was probably about 4. The weird thing about Seattle is that it’s all twisty-turny and there are hills EVERYWHERE.


We played some ‘do you like this band?!’ and began our ‘Merica festivities around 4:00 which was a nice segway into an evening of barbecue, socializing and catching up with old friends. One of them being my old boyfriend in high school! Over the years we’ve gotten over our bullshit and have been able to become friends. He moved to Seattle to finish his degree in Oriental Medicine and I highly doubt he’ll ever come back. It was awesome to see him.


Finally, after closing out a bottle of vodka that had previously been filled 4 hours prior and staking out our spots on the roof, we watched the fireworks over Lake Union. It was phenomenal to be back there and a great opener for the rest of the weekend.

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One Response to Seattle Day 1: 7/4

  1. djderdiger says:

    “The weird thing about Seattle is that it’s all twisty-turny and there are hills EVERYWHERE.”

    couldn’t have said it better myself.

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