My first Brewers Game

When the coworkers plan a trip to the baseball stadium, you go. So Friday, that’s precisely what I did!

Much of the beginning of the experience was spent tailgating and round after round of flip-cup (which I remembered I’m borderline phenomenal at), talking treason and getting to know the coworkers a little bit better. It certainly boosted morale.

The second half was spent actually inside Miller Park, partaking in the traditions of drinking Long Islands at Friday’s (best view in the park), oogling at Ryan Braun’s tight pants, trekking up ramp after ramp after ramp to find our seats and then enjoying the game for exactly one and a half innings before heading out.

Baseball isn’t really my sport, and even when pressed I’m a Cubs fan, but it felt like a rite of passage in Fair Milwaukee. ErnieandBert and I then decided to partake in another one of Milwaukee’s finest: Jo Cat’s.

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