I’m on a boat!

ErnieandBert and I had a truly spectacular weekend together. Sunday morning we got up and she bounded off to crossfit on the beach while I went for a run,  while I hung out with Louie because he was super annoyed I had spent the night before in Wauwatosa.

We had planned to go see Magic Mike on Saturday night, but in light of being spontaneous, we passed and went to Leff’s instead. That experience was a whole different set of blog posting. So, I figured ErnieandBert would finish up at crossfit and we’d go to the movie that afternoon.

Well, instead we wound up on a boat. A friend of a friend of a friend’s boat to be exact. The only boat I’ve been on in my life is a pontoon boat that you rent for a few hours and eat on while you’re on vacation. But this boat was different. This was a bonafide boat. We sat on the bow, basking in the sun (and sweating our faces off), we dropped anchor around Whitefish Bay and jumped into the lake (brr! but so perfect! and so green!) and we were reminded how we don’t want children anytime soon as the two we were with were a little, er…. intense.

We got back around 5:00 and were famished so we high-tailed it back to Tosa, took the pup for a walk, ordered Chinese food and sauntered on over to meet Mike for our date. While it took a serious tone toward the end, definitely worth the man candy. Who knew they could dance like that?!

To cap the night and the weekend we finished off with some frozen yogurt, walking down my street enjoying the after sunburn, legs and the breeze.

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