Push for it

So, it’s no secret that Chalene Johnson is my spirit animal. She’s smart, fiery, happy, organized and a greatest superwoman right after my mom. She does these podcasts every Monday that keep with her Turbo attitude and really reduce the case of Mondays going around.

The one I really liked today was about identifying what your “Push” goal is — the lynchpin, the domino, the one thing that you need to achieve before all the other things fall into place. I was thinking about this last night as I was paying a visit to my old friend, the Treadmill. I need to really work on telling myself “just keep going,” “yes, I really CAN do this,” and “yes, this is possible, this is inside you, just do it.”

I don’t know how to cultivate this exactly, I have some ideas but not really a clear plan of action as to how to achieve this outside of just trying it out in the moment. So if you have thoughts send them my way. But for the sake of accountability here are numbers 2-10.

  • Eat better
  • Run 13.1
  • Save for a car
  • Love more (Unconditionally, without question)
  • Stick to the budget
  • Contact friends (I’m looking at you Lady Samurai, Miss Chicago, Miss Arizona, I will get better at long distance!)
  • Keep a clean house
  • Deserve what I earn
  • Succeed at work
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