“My childlike creativity

purity and honesty are honestly being crowded by these grown thoughts.”

It occurred to me today that I’ve been hearing too many “no”s and running into too many roadblocks lately. It’s been hard not to let that trickle into other parts of my life.

When I started this crazy running dare it was the thing I did to refresh my day. Now it’s still special but it’s really become a part of my day — I get cranky if I don’t have it. I’ve been a fan of the blog This is Colossal for a while now and I’m regularly amazed at how much creativity is just bubbling out from all over. Like this:

Don’t you just want to run your hands over it?

And it occurred to me that I need to spend more time doodling, playing with video, and having specific passions as opposed to being generally passionate. In addition to getting my home life down to a science, exercising before work and overcoming those pesky mental hurdles, spending quality time being creative will become a larger priority.

And I think it will come naturally with my return to yoga. I’ve been on hiatus for a while because it was just a touch too flowery but after trying a few more studios and a few more teachers, I think I’ve got it pretty good where I am. My body will thank me for it.

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