A little inspiration

Goes a long way!

From ZenHabits:

six: When I feel lazy and don’t want to do anything, I remind myself of the gift I’ve been given. I live an amazing life, and to be given the joy of this world and the people around me, is a complete and utter miracle. Then I ask myself, “Is this how I want to use this miracle?” What a complete waste of something so perfect, so profound, to spend the little time I have in this life on pointlessness and laziness. I don’t mind doing nothing, if it is a nothing that makes me happy. But I also want to create, to help people, to be compassionate towards others, to do something fulfilling and joyous. And so I do.

lesson: Be grateful for the miracle of your life, and ask yourself how you want to spend it. Then get to creating, to making lives better.

Wow. Talk about a life-balance check. Lately I have felt lazy. But I couldn’t tell if it was my body needing rest or my body needing inspiration. I know now that it’s the latter.

While The Teacher got me in the habit of saying a big “Thank You!” every day I’m alive, once something becomes a routine the intention can fade away (something ZenHabits has addressed in other posts). When I run, when the sun shines, when I notice something I hadn’t before and when something good happens (good like hugs and birthday cake and fresh bedsheets good) I often find myself being thankful but I’d like to get in the habit of giving my thanks in the morning when I get up.

I’ve also toyed with the idea of not using my mornings for exercise but instead some creative cultivation while I’m fresh off the Dreamland Express. Mostly, I’d like to spend my mornings free writing. The problem I have is getting out of bed. So before I spend any more money on anything else, I think I have to acquire this little guy:

Because a forklift is not going to fit in my apartment.

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