Say Thanks!

Before I went to bed last night I made a colossal to-do list (almost wrote “playlist” and I think I’m going to start calling my lists playlists, they’re more fun!) and the first thing on the list to do when I woke up was to say “Thank You!”

I got to sleep in a little more than usual, I woke up to some very happy news from an old friend, Louie was all snuggly and I got to make a cup of coffee that was outstanding and got to drink it in my living room before starting work.

So, in light of this gorgeous Friday here are the top5:

  1. Taking calculated risks, weighing them.
  2. Home improvement projects.
  3. Navelgazing.
  4. Counting all the blessings.
  5. Working on my relationships.

And with that, I give you this blast from the past that actually encapsulates the day:

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