Time with the Sis

Yesterday after the Warrior Dash I met my sister at the train station. She’s going back to school to tie up some loose ends next week so we got to squeeze in some last minute quality time together.

Not only did she bring me CHOCOLATE but lots of hugs and good stories too. We made dinner, rented a car and went to Kopp’s for frozen custard and went to my favorite haunt to spend some time with my girlfriends dancing and yelling and carrying on.

After a frozen pizza, two bags of chips and a good night’s sleep we started the day with some Italian pastry and a park bench. The rest of the morning was devoted to video games.

While my sister and I were not raised with the TV as our best friend and 5th family member, sometime around when my boy cousins hit puberty and had every console known to man, we begged and pleaded with our parents for one of our very own. One christmas we got our cherished N64 and spent our free time racing each other and her guiding me through Ocarina of Time.

Now, she’s already passed my current stopping point in Skyward Sword and making me look throughly a slouch, but we still find this time we spend together in front of The Box to be both constructive, cathartic and quality time well spent. Sometimes you just need to be a vegetable with someone who knows your bones.

Later, our parents met us and we stopped by the Museum for the Posters of Paris exhibit we’d been meaning to go to for months. And like it or not, I sent them home with a cream puff.

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