Journey (wo)man

I had the wonderful chance to walk through the loop on Saturday as I made my way to the L from Union Station. While markedly quieter than the walk I used to take to work everyday, LaSalle avenue was largely as I had left it.

It felt good to walk through the caverns of skyscrapers, like my body was speaking its native tongue. It’s hard to articulate exactly, but those monoliths are more my old friends than intimidating captains of industry.

I suppose I’m regularly overcome with nostalgia in Chicago because when I decided to leave I truly thought Milwaukee would be much of the same. In its own way, Brew City is just as charming as the windy one, but for different reasons. And while on this adventure I’ve learned a lot about who I am and what I want to give to the world and take from it that I could not have learned anywhere else.

But as I walked through the perfectly numbered city blocks counting mile after eighth of a mile, I realized that ideas present themselves all over the place all the time. This is called inspiration Impulse makes me want to do ALL THE THINGS when I see them, but with others — like going to yogi school — the genesis of passion begins as a seed and grows over time. It becomes something necessary to experience at some point, just not this point.

Chicago is where the story of myself began; where I was fortified. And for that reason I will always hunger for it.

Thankfully, those monoliths of metal will be around a while while I wander around this great big world. One day I’ll come back.


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