Friiiday Friiiday

I woke up this morning to the sound of rain on the windows. Since it’s been such a dry summer I’d completely forgotten that rain is like a tranquilizer — it’s especially hard to get out of bed! But here I am! A new day and a new set of things to be excited and thankful for.

  2. Teenagers. I’ve started volunteering with local teenagers every Thursday and I had completely forgotten how much they talk.
  3. Humility. Sometimes the best thing is to show everyone you are, in fact, human.
  4. Reaching the limit break. My sister and I finally found mine.
  5. Coming out of the tunnel of crazy. I feel like this summer was just insanity wrapped in a cyclone. It’s nice to feel like sweater weather is coming, there are books to read and yoga to do and I can get into a rhythm that allows me to wake up early and spend more time with the catpants.
  6. BONUS! New projects. Check it out! (WE)

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