Fall switcheroo

The old and the new.

I spent Wednesday night free writing for an hour. I wrote it all out. The roadblocks I’ve been feeling and the pressure I’ve been puttting myself under. I wrote everything out.

And I took Friday off.

And after a weekend of a) nothing, b) shopping, c) lunch with Miss Chicago, d) a block party, e) a run, f) sunbathing, g) coffee and politics with my parents and COMPLETELY rearranging and improving my home I feel like I’m in sync again.

I feel like my life is starting to match how I feel and what was missing wasn’t something I wasn’t doing, but something I was ignoring — myself.

And I mean that in the shopping-bag-toting-facial-mask-doing-sex-and-the-city-watching single girl way.

It’s good to be home.


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