It has arrived!

The weekend, that is. Even though I kind of cheated and had my weekend in the middle of the week. Wednesday was Miss Arizona’s birthday and I went out to Madison to spend the evening with her. They journey there went from simple bus trip to VOYAGE ACROSS MADISON in a mere matter of 40 minutes. But it culminated in laughing and screaming which lasted the remainder of the evening.

Thursday we had a lovely morning coffee together, ate breakfast, worked out and then I played lion-tamer with the mouse in her house. Literally, she was standing in the bathroom on the toilet holding a broom and peeking around the corner as I rifled through her shelves trying to locate the offending rodent. He outsmarted us in the end.

We spent the afternoon eating sandwiches, touring her library and enjoying a coffee shop. And it all just went way way way way way too quickly. But I got home in time for a really stellar date with Louis CK. The laughter continues.

So now that it’s actually, legitimately the weekend, my red, red lipstick and totally energized self are really looking forward to yoga tonight. So, without further ado, here are your top 5.

  1. The moment where you see each other on the sidewalk and start running toward each other yelling and screaming.
  2. Inappropriate jokes in kitchens, restaurants, cars and bars.
  3. Making out. In a car. For 20 minutes. The old fashioned way.
  4. New sheets.
  5. The promise of incredible things to come. I’m looking at you, Sayulita.


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