Some things happen

Around midday I was feeling rather homesick. My work friend called it “third wheel syndrome” as everyone I know is attached to someone else in this fair dairyland.

This is the face of “why you gotta be ao structured, guys?!”:


So I was weighing my options: making dinner, going shopping, going to the movies, doing my laundry, driving to Madison on a whim.

On the way home I stopped dead in my tracks as this happened:


And fearing I too would end up in the trash compactor with some other unmentionables, I hotfooted it home to a project I had been neglecting.

It was also a bad day for unicorns;


After dining and throwing my wash in the wash I settled into stage 1 of my halloween costume. Achievement unlocked: supreme nerd girl status gained! One guess as to who I’m going to be for halloween:


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