my two former residents who met while i was an RA in college are getting married this weekend. to eachother. it’s really fucking adorable. and in other fucking adorable news!!!!!!!! i’m getting married to my job this weekend!

i promise this is a wonderful, momentous thing! and something i’ve been waiting for since i started this crazy ride in january.

but since it being the first day of this sherlock relationship, i’m dead dog tired.

around 4:00 i came home, changed into sweats and kept on working until about 6. now i’m ready for some dinner and it doesn’t seem to be ready fast enough. however! this dinner is one of my favorites (stuffed peppers) and i really have to prevent myself from eating all the ingredients before it’s ready.

there’s a lot to be celebrating right now. booking tickets. new real simple. a car. good food and a run every other day on my lunch break. but despite all this sometimes i just get way too hung up in the haunted house of my head (to quote a coworker) and miss arizona is one of the only people who can calm me down.

a bit ago, thought catalog wrote an essay about best friends and how they really are your soul mates. exactly because they know when to talk you down, balance you out and just plain get it when something is really funny for no good reason. miss arizona not only diffuses me but she also tells me to knock it the fuck off when i get into this nasty habit of apologizing for everything.

so today was a tough one. in the categories of work, exercise, being single and living alone, cat ownership and dinner. it’s hard to be your own support system, entertainment console, motivator, personal chef, caregiver and functioning human being all day, every day. (and anyone else who tells you differently is a liar or my 65-year-old bachelor uncle!) but i’m celebrating by a) sending my BFFFFFFFF lots of happy vibes and b) going to bed. at 9:30. because i am tired and because i can. gotta stock up for this weekend.

live to fight another day. (and when the heck did it become thursday?!)

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