All I wanna do

Welcome ladies, gents, ladies and ladies! Welcome to this wondrous


place we call The Weekend (ooooh… shiny!)! To celebrate this glorious day of rest, relaxations and meetings out the wah-zoooooo, and the coming two days of magic, mystery and odyssey I thought it fitting to do nothing else with my morning outside of drinking my strong coffee, rocking the GirlTalk radio and sending email after email after email.

Here’s my Friday Top 5:

  • Glitter, plaid, faux fur, boots and everything nice.
  • CONEJITOS with Miss JCrew!
  • Going to the marriage of my residents. Everyone, let the record show that that is how you win at a) being an RA, b) programming and c) LIFE.
  • Wardrobe consultation date with ErnieAndbert.
  • Trains, Planes and Automobiles-eqsue travel to get my hot self to Madison this weekend to hang out with Miss Arizona and gorge myself on the food of love courtesy of ChefRob.
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