TurboGirl you make me feel

About a week after my half marathon, I went to get a physical with the best doctor in the whole world. When she told me I had lost 12 pounds since last year I basically fell the fuck out of my chair.

When I began the half marathon dare with myself I had zero intention of doing it to lose weight but instead as a way to try something I had previously naysayed and to improve my overall fitness. Along the way I started working out on the regular with Chalene Johnson via TurboFire and per her urging, writing down what I ate.

It’s been a few months since 13.1 and in those few months I’ve eased off the gas pedal in terms of the running (I’m looking to maintain an average 15 miles per week with weight training through the winter months when the hours of sunlight are short) and I’ve basically fallen off the wagon of food journaling.

I haven’t gained weight back, but my body just feels different. It feels a little crankier. It has cravings more often. And it wants something more. What it wants is for me to go back to monitoring what I’m putting in the tank.

There are many, many, many ways to do this whether by Weight Watchers (done it), manually counting calories (done it), eating what you’re told via fixed menus (done it) and fad diets (done it) but really the best way to do this in my experience is just to do it.

I use a particular app called Lose It! because I can scan barcodes on my food to import data if it’s not in the database and I can repeat meals I’ve eaten in days prior. So I highly suggest taking the time to take your body’s food temperature and just consciously write it all down. I need to get back in this habit.

Again, not because I have a number in my head I want to achieve, but because to be the person I am meant to be, to run the marathon next year and to sleep better, be happier and crush the day, I need to continue to love my body via food and fitness. Because really, that’s what it comes down to. I love my life, I’m thankful for my body, so I’m going to give it what it really wants, even when it says “hot wings.”

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