Cullen’s Bar

Looking at The Virgo over a Guinness in My Bar before The Sound of Music SingALong with my family I realized that while everything can change and frequently does, nothing changes.

The people we are at our core does not dematerialize and realign itself in these changes, but sways. So as The Virgo and I are catching up on our lives, she suddenly interjects a few facts. 1) that I am crazy. 2) that my intense love of this life will always be my companion and lead me in the direction of fellow lovers, travellers and friends. 3) that she is crazy too.

And then we decided we cannot handle 6 months without seeing each other.

I am thankful for the people in my life who recharge me, who understand this crazy journey and who can read this universe with me. One of those lessons being that love keeps trying and keeps making connections. Even 6 months absent and miles and miles away.

So finally the holiday bug has bit me. And i’m enjoying a beer from my all-time favorite brewery, watching Love Actually and hanging some lights.


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