That WarmFuzzy Feeling

In my lovely little nest I’ve made for myself Nancy Wilson’s Christmas Waltz is filling these walls. I’m passively watching the Packers lose to the Lions in the second half (I swear I’m trying to be a Wisconsonite but I don’t think the Packer thing will ever stick to this home-grown Chicagoan) as I enjoy some Ben and Jerry’s in my yoga pants.

The day began with a wet and chilly morning run. If I’m going to sign up for the marathon come February, I have to get the miles in. And truth be told, even though I went out last night all dolled up, I’ve been looking forward to the run for at least 4 days.

Afterward my parents came to visit! I spent the day with them watching the Bears get trounced, eating BBQ and getting completely in trouble at Target. Again. What else is new. I took them on a tour of Milwaukee’s scenic holiday light spread and we spent the remainder of their visit kicking it how we do when I’m at home with them.

It was so wonderful to spend a day that demanded comfort food with people who are the comfort food to my soul. In my own home. It’s so rare that I get to entertain. And given the current circumstances, it’s been a while since I’ve had a hug that really warmed the whole of me. Did I also mention my father brought me flowers?

I hacked off part of my hair. I’m a big fan.

And I think I’ve been really starved for what I need lately. With the stresses of work and the necessary daily responsibilities I had been feeling decidedly not myself lately. Despite taking yoga to realign, I’d still felt like I was missing something. I’ve gotten really wound up in the tasks and not creating and cultivating magic.

In the car ride around town I was holding my mom’s hand like I do, and she said “Ang just needs to be loved demonstratively all the time,” and I nearly teared up because she was completely 100 percent right, as moms are. I just need to work on taking time to love myself a little better. Spending the extra $8 with the groceries on flowers. Breathing deeply. Sleeping better. Moisturizing.

Magic is out there. You just have to open your eyes to see it. And all of a sudden, it’s snowing.







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