Celebrating the season

My my my! So much time has been sent prepping for this day and now it’s here and I’m already home in Milwaukee. These past 5 days just flew by!! I unpacked my laundry, rearranged some things, assessed how many bills need paying and when I can reasonably expect to go grocery shopping next. 

But these ticky-tacky things are far overshadowed by all the things I love about the holidays. So here they are, in no particular order. 

  • shopping with my dad. at the grocery store. at the apple store. at target. at apt. at all the stores under the sun. because when i get totally flustered at shitty customer service, he calms me down. and when he gets a hairbrained scheme, i totally endorse it. 
  • spending time with my sister. it’s awesome to look at each other in the middle of our parents’ conversation because we just heard the best “that’s what she said” of the last five minutes. 
  • morning hugs. 
  • making christmassy things with my mom, who still believes in magic and cultivating the element of surprise. and conspiring with them to make them happen. 
  • making my extended family smile, laugh and try new things together that are awkward, silly and just what we need. 
  • snow. 
  • the christmas tree that gets taller and taller every year and every year it gets stuffed to the branch with ornaments. 
  • failing at toffee. 
  • seeing my friend(s) from NYC, meeting her boyfriend and totally double fisting beer and coffee with them. 
  • seeing my all time favorite band ever with my mom and an old friend and a new friend. who are engaged. and jumping up and down to the songs that are woven into the fabric of my being. 
  • midnight trips to macy’s. and dancing something fred astaire with my sister in the empty department store to the christmas tunes we know by heart. 
  • fires. 
  • staying up late watching cornball movies. everyone falls in love. every single time. 
  • making coffee for everyone. 
  • feeling recharged. 
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