And what are you made of?

Brandon Flowers would answer Flesh and Bone, I, on the other hand, have been considering change in just about every way, shape and form.

If you recall, last year my New Year’s Resolution was to run a half marathon. I started training in March shortly after one of the coldest buckets of water I’ve ever had was dumped on me. I stuck to my schedule, I learned my city inside and out, and I learned about myself. I finished happy, healthy and motivated, floored that the kiddo who couldn’t run around the block when she was 8 because of her asthma clocked 13.1 miles in her favorite city completely medically unassisted.

That’s what I’m made of. 

While it’s a bit early to be making resolutions (we still have, what? 5 days?) I couldn’t help myself today. So here are 3 for this new year that I will work every day to bring into my daily life:

  1. Stick to my budget. This is going to be unpleasant. Not because I’m irresponsible with money by any means. I pay my bills on time and in full. But this will be unpleasant because I detest saying no to myself. If it’s a $4 Starbucks, a new color of nail polish, a new music album, concert tickets, train tickets, races, new running gear, blackberries from Whole Foods, I will probably buy it. I’m excellent at saying “oh what the hell, it’s only $3!” But all those $3 here and there add up, and then I realize I’ve drank a round trip in plane tickets in Grande Skim Cappuccinos. Well, not that many, but you know what I mean. I want to grow my wealth while I’m single and content (quasi)living like a college student. 
  2. Speak positively on the inside. A year ago I took this for granted. Well, maybe not granted but I certainly found it something that came naturally to me. As of late I’ve found myself getting internally frustrated at the wind, spilling things, people being inconsiderate to others and on the whole being extremely judgemental of the world around me to myself. I recognize this is neither healthy nor good for my karma, let alone the world. So I will take great pains to work on my internal thought process. This involves speaking to myself in a kind way, recognizing when I’m being internally negative and peel apart why I arrived at that thought first, giving complements sincerely and going out of my way to do some acts of kindness (I have a few ideas).
  3. Continue my commitment to my health. Tonight, this began with THE BEST tumblr_lbwt62gJ711qc9ekbo1_500Christmas gift ever — Chalean Extreme! Finally! My fitness routine includes some serious weight training I know I can stick to and I won’t just dog in the basement because I feel like I’m still in high school. I’m really, really excited to lift weights, continue to write down whatever I put in my body (hello, 8 hershey kisses I ate today…) and continue to be active. By and large, this consists of running races through the next calendar year, but most specifically, this includes the dare of completing a full marathon in October. 26.2 when I’m 26. It’s written on my heart, which essentially means it’s written in stone.

I’ve learned so much in 2012, more than I ever thought possible because I learned a heck of a lot in 2011, too. But the best part of living is that I keep learning and the more I learn, the less I know. The more I want to open my mouth so wide and taste the world. Bring it on 2013, we’re gonna kick some BOOTAY!

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