’Jesse was the love of my life’

When I came home today, I was feeling frustrated because I felt that there was a disjoint between how I feel about myself and the world and the relationships I have with people in my life.

I made the best choice and went to yoga. And it once again reset me to recognize, acknowledge and appreciate the life that I have. I am grateful. Speaking from a point of privilege I recognize I have the power to spread this into the world. With my attitude, with my actions and with the choices I make.

And then there are stories that remind me the world is such a big place, with so many people in pain, there is injustice everywhere and there is real, tangible hurt, sorrow and struggle.

Between the Supreme Court seriously thinking of doing away with the Voting Rights Act and this story: ’Jesse was the love of my life’. I am astonished how in this day and age, these are the problems our collective humanity faces. We’ve managed to largely do away with life threatening diseases, unclean water, and rabid violence. However, we have not managed to secure equality for all people and we have not managed to prevent us from harming each other. While I don’t know how I can contribute to either of these issues on a grand scale, I am moved to share these stories and remind the people in my life that love is real, kindness is essential, and everything is fleeting.

I am especially more thankful, and especially more motivated to use my short time on this earth to do good. And for those who no longer have a voice, we must speak for them. While this may appear condescending, out of touch and glossing over the gravity of these situations, it’s the point of reality I can speak from and the point of reality I know I can influence each day. Love each other harder, everyone. We need it.

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