Young Professionals Week

Last week was quite possibly one of the busiest and most fulfilling in quite a long time. It was Young Professionals Week here in Milwaukee, which is a whirlwind full 8 days of programming (averaging 3 events a day) full of inspiring, mind-strengthening discussions. Heck, it even got some nationwide press!

Amidst all of this discussion we also had some incredibly gut-wrenching current events unfold before our eyes. Thankfully, the former helped counterbalance the latter and keep everything in perspective. I had quite a few revelations about what I want, what I’m doing, where I’m going and how I’m going to get there and this massive surge of positive, revitalizing energy pouring out of the city’s best minds completely re-enforced how much I have come to love this city and how I can help make it better.

I also got ErnieAndbert to her first yoga class (she loved it!), I remembered how much I love being in record stores, I had a true girls night out and one of the scariest scares of my life, I remembered what has to come first (myself) and I got myself a shiny, new library card! The rub now being I have too many interests to give them as much time as I would like.

So I’ll ask all you moonlighters, you fitness gurus, you lovers and livers (livers, ha!) of live HOW you do it! I haven’t tried to be this productive since college and even then, I only really had a half day that wasn’t totally mine to do what I wanted with. Is the secret getting up earlier? Is it staying up later? Is it dividing by day? Because between the working, the cooking, the daily must-do’s, the reading, the writing, the running, the dating, the socializing, the me time, I’m running out of hours to do it all.

The thing about revelations is that they force you to re-examine and adjust your priorities, I’m just struggling with which of all of them should come first…

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